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Sandra Goroff & Associates is a full-service publicity firm. We work with both book and non-book related projects and clients, and we are available on an ongoing as well as on a project-by-project basis.

Our primary focus is securing high-level media placements for clients who seek to expand their visibility, establish recognition in their unique area of expertise, and stimulate sales. Over a twenty-five year period, we have gained the respect of countless reporters, journalists and producers. These professional relationships provide us unparalleled access to local and national media and continue to produce exceptional results. Services include:

Publicity Placement

Sandra Goroff works with top-level publications and broadcast media to secure interviews, reviews, items, and other visibility for clients across the country and around the world.

Book Promotion and Tours

While Sandra Goroff & Associates works with both book and non-book related clients, our expertise is specifically in book promotion. Launching books through strategic publicity efforts is something we have done well for twenty-five years. We arrange national media and regional campaigns which include television, radio and online placement on all levels.

Project Analysis

Sandra Goroff is available in advance of publication to provide a specific project analysis for clients who want to understand the book publishing process in greater detail. This includes an introduction to media, working with the in-house team, developing angles and knowing what to expect along the way.

High-Level Media Placement

Sandra Goroff works with all the national media and prides itself on producing prominent results for clients. A sampling of past media placements includes Charlie Rose, Oprah, the New York Times, Fresh Air, Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, the Diane Rehm Show, and other important NPR shows and affiliates. Recent clients have been profiled in the New York Times, appeared on CBS Sunday Morning and featured on the cover of New York Magazine.


Sandra Goroff has long term relationships with key media nationally and in all markets in the U.S. We work with and secure interviews and placements via television, radio, newspapers, wire syndicates, columns, magazines, and online venues.

Individual Promotion

Individuals with multi-tiered visibility goals come to Sandra Goroff to heighten their name recognition and build their brand.

Corporate Publicity

Sandra Goroff often works with corporations and other nonprofit organizations and entities to expand their reach, craft their message, and communicate it via appropriate print, broadcast and online media.

Special Events

Sandra Goroff is available to assist with special events, book signings, trunk shows, talks and other venues.

National Media

Sandra Goroff prides itself on its unique access to top-level media. Our clients appear on national television, are heard throughout the world on national and international radio, and are profiled in top newspapers and magazines.

Agent Services

Sandra Goroff works closely with a number of author agents and speaker's bureaus to support clients, develop publicity plans, and execute campaigns. We are available to conduct seminars and provide project analysis and client support in advance of and during publication.

Consulting Services

Sandra Goroff is available on an hourly and project basis assisting clients, agents and others in project analysis and the development of publicity plans and objectives.

Through a network of expert alliances, Sandra Goroff coordinates photography and design needs as well as social networking, websites, blogging and other cutting-edge technologies.